Friday, September 02, 2005

herfirstbigcock on imlive

I need an image.. the end all.. The one picture that will stop a thread dead in its tracks and make everyone just stop and go.. wuh?

Not gore, not shocking.. just one of those special insane pictures that seem to float around.. Consider this a challenge for the upcoming week.. I plan on weighing in with a few that want to get Her First Big Cock..

Try and be original.. and spread this around.. Everyone has seen the bunny with a pancake on its head.. but how many of you have seen Darth Vader and Leia at the beach? or the elephant thing from the Great Space Coaster?

Some guys came in, exhausted, they had a reservation at another hotel, but they deskclerk refused to rent imlive to them.. he decided they looked like trouble and told them to get lost..

They were a bunch of guys up from miami for a Karate tournament.. finished late.. and just wanted to sleep.. They were all friggin HUGE! They didn't look like trouble, in fact I got personal thank you phone calls from 3 of them and one in person handshake for helping them out (I upgraded them to double queen rooms for the price of a king standard)

Fucking people sometimes..

Note to florida people.. If its called The Royal Inn.. no King ever stayed there.. and if he did.. they most likely haven't cleaned the throne since